Zhoushan ship exports this year to turnaround

Time: 2017/9/5 | Num: 3212

With the ship industry gradually out of the lowest valley, Zhoushan ship exports are increasingly pick up. According to China's ship network statistics, from January to July 2015 Zhoushan City ship 72 ships, the value of 9.13 billion yuan, an increase of 28.6% and 44%. From January to July 2015, ship export, high-end ship export data is particularly dazzling, with 320,000 tons of oil tankers, 250,000 tons bulk carriers, 8800 boxes of container ships, 750 sea life platform, 15.2 million tons of oil tankers as representatives Of high value-added orders accounted for more than 40%.


In recent years, due to the overall slowdown in economic development, the domestic demand for large-scale engineering ship tends to saturation, and Southeast Asia, Africa, coastal port resources in some areas still have great potential for development, port engineering construction of large-scale engineering ship has a greater demand The At the same time, by the country "along the way" economic development of the east, the domestic idle over the construction of the ship began through the form of foreign projects contracted to foreign countries. The ship contracted export point stone into gold.


By the Shanghai Waterway Bureau Co., Ltd. to declare the Chinese nationality "new sea phoenix" dredger in the Zhoushan Customs customs clearance procedures, will be bound for Malaysia for channel dredging operations. The ship more than 17,000 tons, is so far Zhoushan port for foreign contract export trade in the largest tonnage of the ship.


According to Zhoushan Customs Chen Xinjian Chief introduction, Zhoushan port traditional foreign contract export project for the production of fisheries. Since 2014, the Zhoushan port began to have a small engineering ship through such trade to Africa for port construction. After 2015, engineering ship export countries gradually expanded to Southeast Asia.