China and South Korea shipyard is competing for the world's largest container ship orders

Time: 2017/9/6 | Num: 3702

It is reported that the construction of nine ships to meet the 22000TEU container ship to enter the final stage, is expected to be officially signed in the next two weeks.

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding and Hyundai Heavy Industries are competing for the world's largest container ship order, the total value is expected to more than 1.5 billion US dollars of the super large single has also gradually evolved into China and South Korea shipbuilding industry competition.


Recently, a manager of Hyundai Heavy Industries confirmed that it was competing with a Chinese shipyard for 22,000 TEU container ship construction contracts.

Previously, there have been reports that the French fleet of ships planned to build 6 + 3 20000TEU above the large container ship. The container ships are expected to use LNG power design, the cost may be 1.5-1.6 billion each, while the installation of LNG power may be increased for each ship at least 20 million US dollars in costs.

Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding has built the first batch of 18,000 TEU container ships for Flying Ship, delivered in 2015. In addition, the Fahrenheit ship once in the modern heavy under the single ship is 2 years ago, when the two sides signed six 14000TEU container ship construction contract.

The ship's 22,000TEU container ship will be the world's largest container ship.

At present, the world's largest container ship record holder is the Oriental Overseas's 21413TEU container ship "OOCL Hong Kong" (built in 2017). "OOCL Hong Kong" and its sister ship "OOCL Hamburg", which will be delivered this year, are built by Samsung Heavy Industries.

At present, in the global shipping enterprises, only Daewoo Shipbuilding and Samsung Heavy Industries successfully delivered more than 20000TEU large container ships. However, Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding is building a series of 20998TEU container ships for COSCO Shipping.

If the modern heavy industry to successfully receive this order, which will refresh the modern heavy industry, the construction of large container ships record. Prior to this, Hyundai Heavy Industries built the largest container ship is 19200TEU "MSC Anne" (built in 2016) and "MSC Viviana" (built in 2017).

Dafa Ship and COSCO Shipping Group are fully competing for the world's third position. Dahua ship is currently ranked third in the world last month COSCO Shipping proposed the acquisition of Orient Overseas offer, if coupled with the East Overseas capacity, COSCO shipping container shipping capacity will exceed the Fahrenheit 15000TEU, Flying ships the world's third position Will be COSCO shipping set to replace. And the new ship orders, will also allow the fleet of the opportunity to once again enhance the ranking in the world.

According to Clarkson's latest data, since the beginning of 2016, container ship holding orders volume has fallen sharply more than 30%, from the then 515, 3.97 million TEU down to the beginning of July this year, 396, 2.78 million TEU, 2009 The lowest point ever. In addition, the first half of this year, container ship new ship orders only 40000TEU. However, at present, 15,000 TEU and above container ship holding orders accounted for about 40% of the entire container ship holding orders, 15,000 TEU and above container ship holding orders accounted for the proportion of the existing fleet up to 73%.