Orders full flowering, bulk cargo ship market a comprehensive recovery!

Time: 2017/9/8 | Num: 15071

Clarkson statistics show that from January to August 2017, the global bulk cargo ship signed a new order 119, a total of 12216923 dwt, compared to the same period in 2016 46, 13189568 dwt, ship and dwt were up 158.70 % And down 7.37%; while the same period last year, 46 bulk cargo ship orders, Vale in China's shipbuilding enterprises have made 30 VLOC ship, shipments accounted for about 2016 orders over the same period about 65% Accounting for 90%, and these 30 for the Chinese state-owned shipping companies tailor-made super big single can not reflect the actual market trend, if the plan to 30 VLOC orders last year, the number of ship orders and deadweight tons of only 16, 1189568 Dwt, almost only a fraction of this year's bulk cargo order. In view of this, the growth of bulk cargo orders this year is clearly better reflect the trend of market recovery.




Greek shipyard owner into the bulk carrier market, the Chinese shipyard to become the biggest winner


It is reported that the Greek oil tanker owner Aegean Shipping Management recently in Zhoushan COSCO Shipyard ordered a 4 +2 + 2 82,000 deadweight Kamsarmax bulk carrier, the new ship will be delivered from the second half of 2019. It is reported that the total price of these eight ships is expected to be around 200 million US dollars.


Aegean chairman George Melissanidis said Aegean decided to invest in the bulk carrier market at this time, considering the price of shipments to a record low and believing that the dry bulk shipping sector will continue to pick up over the next two years.


And in the past few days, Nissan Kaiun, Japan's shipowner, ordered a total of 10 85,000 deadweight Kamsarmax bulk carriers at a total value of $ 270 million in a Japanese shipyard, Year to 2020 delivery. Sources said the 10 Kamsarmax bulk carriers would be handed over to several Japanese shipyards, including Tsuneishi Shipbuilding and Chiba Shipbuilding.


Clarkson statistics show that the previous August global bulk ship signed a new order 119, China and Japan and South Korea shipyard full flowering, the Chinese shipyard Lan won the Chinese shipyard signed a new 84, total 8080463 dwt, almost more than 70 orders %, No doubt become the biggest winner of this year's new shipbuilding market.


The global economic recovery is accelerating and the BDI index continues to rise, "said Rahul Sharan, chief economist at Drewry." The supply and demand gap continues to narrow, making the dry bulk shipping market a bright future. "


For the Chinese shipyard, this year's bulk cargo order "harvest" is expected, and finally can feel at ease a good year.


BDI index rose, the new ship orders surge, the Greek oil tankers to enter the bulk cargo ship market, China and Japan shipyard bulk cargo ship orders full flowering, the Chinese shipyard Lan won more than 80 bulk cargo ship orders to become the biggest winners of the new shipbuilding market , All the data and the news are to prove the fact that the bulk carrier market has been fully recovered!