Shunzheng shipyard holds sports culture activities, enriches staff's spare time life

Time: 2018/6/29 | Num: 3425

In order to further enrich the staff's spare time life, stimulate the vitality of workers and enhance the cohesion of the shipyard, Shunzheng shipyard  organized a splendid badminton competition. Staffs from each department, shipowner and surveyor took part in this activity.Through this badminton competition,  it reflects the staff's spirit of active struggle in their daily work.Not only reduce the stress of employees work and life,but also has full relaxation. At the same time, it also provides entertainment and communication platform. It is very complete to achieve the original intention of this activity.The shipyard will hold billiards, table tennis and other sports and cultural activities from time to time. Through sports activities, employees will have better communication and interaction with shipowner and surveyor.